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Invest in your company by investing in your people. Our customized programs help groups and individuals

tackle the unspoken -- and see the unseen -- barriers that hinder their greatness and your profits.

How can you get someone (or a team, or an entire organization) to think outside the box,

when they can't even see the box?

Beware the trap: "Leader", as a role, is about asserting authority and control over others. 

It's a position. It's a job.


Effective leadership, however, is an activity. It's about letting go of that control, and unleashing others’ energy to achieve great things. 

This is the kind of development SHIFT does. We further Leadership at the intersection of the role and the activity. Actual and aspirational. Where being a Leader is not an endpoint but the path.


We develop leaders for the future. Leaders who love the benefits of anything that helps them see things more clearly and make better decisions. Leaders who explore ways beyond today's measure of wealth. 

Leaders who discern the evolution of key values, once competitive advantages, now a disadvantage.


We develop leaders who understand. They understand more than

the application of new ideas. They understand the implication of doing so

in an increasingly chaotic business landscape. They demonstrate a level

of comfort with the challenges that result from reinventing the familiar.​ These leaders thrive. These leaders make you win.

These leaders are your team.





Do you have what it takes to do the PDP?

Everyone is a resource for the future.

Cultivate them now!

Reveal. Reset.

Reward. Repeat.

Wherever you go,

there you are.

How to get out of your own way...

Crisis Leadership

You can't predict this one.

But you can be ready--

Protect your organization, your investment, your people.

They won't follow you, if you don't lead them.

What secrets are you keeping from yourself?


"If you don't know where you're going, you'll probably end up somewhere else."  --Yogi Berra