Cultural Dimensions

"Cross-cultural" has many incarnations, many meanings, many nuances.

In fact, you have to deal with other-culture as soon as you leave

your own skin. That itself can raise issues.

Within the many dimensions of culture, the impact and the implications

can be blatantly obvious or barely perceptible -- and totally unexpected

-- and sometimes offensive (hey, we're all human).

Sometimes we get stuck on things like domestic/foreign affairs,

EEOC/Title 7, or "those people" across the conference table

...or at the grocery store, in traffic, at home (hey, we're all human).

Cross-culture =

People who are different from you =


"The world in which you were born is just one model of reality. Other cultures are not failed attempts at being like you."  --Wade Davis

You must be attuned and aware, adept and agile.


Your knowledge, training, and skill in dealing with Culture

will determine your everyday success and satisfaction.

It has an impact on your ability to lead, the arc of your career,  

and your peace of mind.

  • Diversity  Not Just for Old White Men:

Perception, Perspective, and Professionalism in Our Everyday Lives

  • The Millennial Myth  A SwellGroovyFlyRadAwesomePhatFleek

Multi-Gen Phenom of the 21st Century -- Don't get left behind.

  • You're Promoted!  Becoming the New You in your New Role:

Everyone will be looking at you differently. They have expectations

...which are probably different from yours.

  • The International Arena  Whether HQ is in your backyard or 10,000 miles away...

You want to be sure they understand the message you send -- and vice versa.

  • Remote Teams  Staying Aligned, Staying Aligned...

- On the Road:  Prevent WFH (work from home) from becoming WTF (you know...)

- Going Native:  Physical Distance = Mental Distance?

- Global Matrix Organizations:  Don't Be a Stranger

  • Acculturation  New Executives, New Managers, New Staff -- New Hire Orientation.

You get one, very important chance with them -- to make your first impression.

Make onboarding a positive experience, and a useful, relevant tool.

"So, this is what I can expect from my new employer..."

  • Internships  An intensive, immersive experience. For some, this is their initiation

into the corporate world. Teach them lessons they'll use for the rest of their career

--because you were a good example, not a bad one.

It's a big world.

It's a small world.


My people, my way.

New people, new ways.

Different people, different ways.

You choose.

"The only thing of real importance that leaders do

is to create and manage culture."  --Edgar Schein

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