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What We Do...

The work of SHIFT  Leadership Development has influenced thousands of lives across six continents. Through customized programs we inspire Executives, Managers, and Staff alike, to reveal their true potential, their power,

their greatness.

These professionals take our work and 

unmask the true causes of workflow setbacks.

They dispatch new, streamlined paths

to efficient and effective operations.

Barriers dissolve. Obstacles disappear.

With fresh insight, long-delayed projects

are revived and executed brilliantly.


Instantly, these improvements save time and money, impact profitability, bring unprecedented value to both stakeholder and shareholder.

“Training and Development”

That's just the beginning....

The Premise...


We believe


Every Individual is intelligent, creative, and holds untapped greatness expressed through work.

Every Executive, Manager, and Contributor possesses leadership qualities that motivate and inspire.

Every Workplace can be an environment that fosters excellence, engages people's heads, hands, and hearts, and adds value to the community.

In our Commitment to every Enterprise and Individual, we advance Knowledge, invigorate Thinking, introduce Possibility…


Ultimately, we inspire Engagement, drive great Performance, uplift Business.


We’re building a better World:


Connecting people with a deep, powerful understanding of themselves.


Connecting people with new ideas, and useful, relevant, timely information.


Connecting people with other people in positive, productive relationship.

The Promise...

President / Lead Consultant 

Marc Strano


...Talent Development professional with more than 30 years of international corporate experience. Adept at facilitating groups, large and small, Marc also provides customized coaching to individual professionals, community leaders, and business owners. 



Marc delivers transformational leadership experiences with an aim to

     - improve participants’ self-awareness and understanding of interpersonal dynamics

     - make every workplace stimulating and rewarding



Marc’s expertise has advanced leadership culture within such varied industries as Commercial and Retail Banking, Finance, Legal, Education, Fine Retail, Construction, Consumer Electronics, and Global Shipping and Logistics. Designer, developer, and facilitator, Marc has created and led both conventional and innovative programs for organizations ranging in size from a handful of local employees to multi-national matrixed conglomerates. 



Across the United States and around the world, he has conducted conferences, seminars, and workshops for audiences of diverse cultures and career levels. Marc has been a consultant and invited speaker at the Harvard Business School, Columbia University, Rutgers University, and Montclair State University, and many professional organizations, and career transition groups.



Marc has a Master’s in International Management and Finance from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, including study of international trade and comparative business practices in several countries. Graduating with Honors from the University of Rochester, Marc earned his Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics.

Professional affiliations:  AMA, ATD, CCL, IACET, ICF, ISPI, NSCN, SHRM, TMI

"Find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life."  --Unknown

  • Bringing more than 20 years of experience, we provide

       high-quality, sustainable programs using one-to-one,

       small-group, and large-event formats.

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  • SHIFT  expands the capacity and competence of business

       leaders, entrepreneurs, managers, and their teams.

       Our work, coupled with yours, increases efficiency and

       effectiveness, and promotes careers.

SHIFT  Leadership Development

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We help our clients grow, succeed, thrive.

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